Barbecue Samovar

Multipurpose Nonelectrical Product
Barbecue & Samovar in One Product

With this Product, the whole table is ready at the same time, (Barbecue, Tea/ Coffee, and Hot water).

Qualities of Product:
*Completely made of premium stainless steel.
*Energy source: Charcoal/ Wood.
*Outside diameter: 38 cm.
*Barbecue Area: 30 cm.
*Water tank width / height: 4 cm x 10 cm.
*Water capacity: 4 liters.
*Product height with legs open is 45cm.
*The height of the teapot from the barbecue area is 7 cm.


OnlIne Order
The Way of Use:
-First, you need to fill (4 liters) of water in the body by pouring it through the open hole under the teapot.
-Light the coals in the barbecue.
-The water in and around the body will be boiling in 7-10 minutes.
-Pour water from the tap into the teapot and brew tea (The Turkish tea way) or prepare the drink you like!
-Besides you can also get hot water from the tap under the teapot.
-The teapot is designed to be movable so it can be heated over steam or over the fire.