Electric Charcoal Buener

Multipurpose Product
*CE certified.
*1 year guaranteed.
*Stainless steel body.
*On/ Off Power key.

Product Features:
Machine Width: 18cm
Machine length: 18cm
Machine height: 23.5 cm
Weight: 0.60 kg
Power: 220-230V 50-60Hz
Power: 600W

OnlIne Order
Electric charcoal burner
This appliance enables you to prepare hookah charcoal by your side effortlessly and safely without the need for real fire sources.

Fill with the required amount of hookah charcoal, plug the electricity into the socket, and then press the ON /OFF button at the bottom of the appliance.

The charcoal will be ready in a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes, the time varies according to the amount of charcoal.

Do not neglect to turn the non-burning parts of the charcoal over to directly face the fire with the charcoal tongs.

Remove all explosive and flammable materials while the appliance is turned on. Never touch with bare hands.