Filter Coffee Machine

The Way of Use:

Before using the machine you should boil the water and strain it to clean the body, the strainer, and the resistance.
Then you have to fill the water again in order to prepare your coffee, put the filtered coffee in the strainer, turn on the machine at 110°C when the water is boiled it will rise through the stainless rod to the small internal cover.
Eventually, the brewed filtered coffee will fall down to the strainer and drop over the water in the body.
As a last step you have to return the thermostat to the normal degree (80-90°C).
Don’t ever open the cover while the water is boiling and the resistance is on because it would be harmful.

External Cabinet:
Normally it’s made of painted steel yet it can be manufactured all in stainless steel but there will be an additional cost.
This is the section that holds the main body, the filtered coffee machine, and its electrical parts.
The reason for using an external cabinet in this coffee machine is to increase safety and protect the machine from external influences, to save energy, and to give a longer life service.
The external cabinet is static oven painted yet it can be painted with different colors and logos!
-The Teapot place: gives the possibility to use a teapot over it.
These numbers of teapots can be used over the below sizes:-

13 liters (120 cups): 1 teapot
23 liters (250 cups) 2 teapots
40 liters (350 cups) 3 teapots
50 liters (500 cups) 4 teapots

OnlIne Order
*Our coffee machines are CE certified.
*Our coffee machines are guaranteed for 1 year.
*All the electric group parts used in our machines and boilers such as plug-in cables, resistors, thermostats, etc... are TSE (Turkish standard institution) and VDE certified and supplied from companies that manufacture in accordance with ISO 9000 standards.
*DAMGA electric coffee machines are being developed to provide; ease of use, cleanliness, and the opportunity to prepare a high-quality coffee.
*Special cables resistant to 300°C are used in the electrical circuits in all of our products.
*All the machines we manufacture are packed after they are checked by the quality control team against air pressure and water leaks.

Technical Sections and Features:

Body: it is the part that contains the coffee; made of premium stainless steel.

Cover: it is made of premium stainless steel.

Strainer: it is the part that filters the coffee and ensures that the coffee is bright and clear of sediments.

Glass Pipes: it shows the amount of filtred Coffee in the machine. It is added to the machine according to the customer’s request.

Metal Taps: easy to use, durable special taps that have been developed by Damga Makina Company.

Carrying Handles: the carrying handles are designed by our company to reduce heat conductivity.

On/Off indicator Light: it is used to monitor the working position of the device. It turns on when the heater is activated and goes out when the heater is switched off.

Automatic Heat Thermostat: the water temperature remains constant due to the thermostat.

Resistance: coffee resistance is used.

Gaskets: heat-resistant silicone gaskets are used in the assembly of the device, which prevents water leaks.

Dropper: which is used to keep the counter clean while serving the Coffee.