Milk Machines

Product Sizes:
D-3080:  80 Cups (8 liters)
D-3120: 120 Cups (13 liters)
D-3160: 160 Cup (16 liters)
D-3250: 250 Cups (23 liters)
D-3350: 350 Cups (40 liters)

Qualities of the Product:
NOTE: Raw milk should not be used in this machine.

*Our machines are designed to serve the cooked milk hot.
*Our milk machine is CE certified.
*It is test reported according to international production standards IEC 60335-2-15 / IEC 60335-2-47.


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Technical Sections and Features:

Body: it is the part that has the milk containers; made of premium stainless steel.

Cover: it is made of premium stainless steel.

Base: it is the part that contains the electrical parts of the machine, It is designed of plastic.

Milk Container: it is made of premium stainless steel.

Glass Pipes: it shows the amount of milk in the machine.

Taps: durable special taps that have been developed by Damga Makina Company.

Carrying Handles: easy to use handles, designed by our company to reduce heat conductivity.

On/Off Indicator Light: It works depending on the heater. It is a part that stops when the water reaches the required temperature and is reactivated at the moment the water loses its heat, and you can easily monitor the working position of the device.

Automatic Heat Thermostat: the water temperature remains constant due to the thermostat.

Resistance: stainless shock tube resistance is used. It eliminates the problems that may occur when your milk machine is dehydrated.

Gaskets: heat-resistant silicone gaskets are used in the assembly of the device, which prevents water leaks.