Sand Coffee Machine

The machine is produced as SINGLE/ DOUBLE.

Our machines are CE certified.
Our machines are guaranteed for 1 year.

The machine has a resistance system that heats the sand (A special fast heating sand).

You will be preparing the Turkish/ Arabic coffee in the pot as usual.

It takes from 1 to 1.5 minutes to boil the coffee.

You don't have to prepare sand set to get the delicious taste of the Turkish/ Arabic coffee on the sand.
We produce this machine in stainless steel or colored.

*All the electric group parts used in our tea machines and boilers such as plug-in cables, resistors, thermostats, etc... are TSE (Turkish standard institution) and VDE certified and supplied from companies that manufacture in accordance with ISO 9000 standards.

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Technical Sections and Features:
Body: Made of first quality stainless steel.

Signal Lamp: It is working depending on the heater.

Automatic Heat Thermostat: You can keep the water temperature constant by means of a heat thermostat.

Resistance: Stainless plate resistance is used.

Silicone Gasket: The used seals are suitable for food safety.

*Our machines use special cables that can withstand temperatures up to 300°C in electrical circuits.