Soup Machine

Qualities of the Product:
*This machine is only produced in ONE size (12 liters).
* The product is service equipment.
* The product keeps the soup hot.
* The product is hygienic, easy to use, and clean.
* It has an automatic heat thermostat.
* It has a heater protection system.
* Thanks to its adjustable thermostat, you can adjust it to the temperature you want between 0-120 ° C.

External cabinet: This is the section that holds the main body of the soup machine and its electrical parts. The reason of using an
external cabinet in this soup machine is to increase safety and protect the machine from external influences, to save energy and
to give a longer life service.
The external cabinet is static oven painted yet it can be all painted with different colours and logos

- The soup machine has two stainless steel internal containers:
- The first holds the resistance and the boiling water, the other is removable and holds the soup.
- The boiling water and its steam under and around the soup container, guarantees to keep the soup hot and ready for service.

*Our Soup machines are CE certified.
*Our boilers are guaranteed for 1 year.
*All the electric group parts used in our soup machines such as plug-in cables, resistors, thermostats, etc... are TSE (Turkish standard institution) and VDE certified and supplied from companies that manufacture in accordance with ISO 9000 standards.
*Special cables resistant to 300°C are used in the electrical circuits in all of our products.
*All the machines we manufacture are packed after they are checked by the quality control team against air pressure and water leaks.
*The device has been produced for serving the soup cooked in the kitchens of industrial facilities (such as collective catering establishments, restaurants, tourist facilities, buffets).

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Technical Sections and Features:

Internal Body: it is the water container; made of premium stainless steel.

Soups Body: it is the soup container; made of premium stainless steel.

Cover: it is made of premium stainless steel.

On/Off Indicator Light: it is used to monitor the working position of the device. It turns on when the heater is activated and goes out when the heater is switched off.

Automatic Heat Thermostat: the water temperature remains constant due to the thermostat.

Resistance: stainless shock tube resistance is used. by the agency of the security system that controls the resistance's temperature, the resistance failures caused by dehydration are prevented.

Alert Warning Sound: when the water runs out in the machine, the heat of the resistance will increase, so it gives a warning sound. This warning continues until the machine is turned off or water is added.

Gaskets: heat-resistant silicone gaskets are used in the assembly of the device, which prevents water leaks.