Water Boilers

*Metal taps.
*The ability to produce it with glass pipes showing the water amount inside.

Product Sizes:

 D-2080 :   80  Cups  (8 liter)
 D-2120 :  120 Cups (13 liter)
 D-2160 :  160 Cups (16 liter)
 D-2250 :   250 Cups (23 liter)
 D-2350 :   350 Cups (40 liter)     

Qualities of the Product:
-It is an excellent choice for use in crowded places.
-It is hygienic and long-lasting.
-It is economical with its automatic heat control system.
-Easy to move by heat resistance handles.
-The possibility of increasing the amount of water, thanks to the additional middle part.
*Our boilers are CE certified.
*Our boilers are guaranteed for 1 year.
*It is test reported according to international production standards IEC 60335-2-15 / IEC 60335-2-47.
*DAMGA electric boilers are being developed to provide; ease of use, cleanliness, and the opportunity to prepare high-quality drinks. 
*All the electric group parts used in our boilers and boilers such as plug-in cables, resistors, thermostats, etc... are TSE (Turkish standard institution) and VDE certified and supplied from companies that manufacture in accordance with ISO 9000 standards.
*All the machines we manufacture are packed after they are checked by the quality control team against air pressure and water leaks.
*Special cables resistant to 300°C are used in the electrical circuits in all of our products.


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Technical Sections and Features:

Body: it is the part that contains water and the brewed tea; made of premium stainless steel.

Cover: it is made of premium stainless steel.

STAINLESS Base: it is the part that contains the electrical parts of the machine.

Metal Taps: easy to use, durable special taps that have been developed by Damga Makina Company, which due to the separate water and brewing containers, provides tea in the desired consistency.

On/Off Indicator Light: it is used to monitor the working position of the device. It turns on when the heater is activated and goes out when the heater is switched off.

Carrying Handles: the carrying handles are designed by our company to reduce heat conductivity.

Automatic Heat Thermostat: the water temperature remains constant due to the thermostat.

Resistance: stainless shock tube resistance is used. Due to the security system that controls the temperature of the resistance, and resistance failures are prevented due to dehydration. If the resistance is covered with lime, this system will not work because the resistance safety system will detect the heat late or it will not detect any heat according to the thickness of the lime layer. The lime that sticks to the resistor should be cleaned regularly, the resistors that are damaged by lime are out of warranty.

Glass Pipes: it shows the amount of brewed tea and water in the machine. It is added to the machine according to the customer’s request.

Additional Middle Part: this part placed in the machines; gives the possibility of increasing the amount of the tea.

Alert Warning Sound: when the water runs out in the machine, the heat of the resistance will increase, so it gives a warning sound. This warning continues until the machine is turned off or water is added.

Gaskets: heat-resistant silicone gaskets are used in the assembly of the device, which prevents water leaks.

Dropper: which is used to keep the counter clean while serving the tea.